Automobile Insurance


The University carries automobile liability insurance to cover University-owned vehicles driven by University drivers. The policy covers indemnity only (damage to other vehicles, persons or property). The University is self-insured for claims involving physical damage (damage to our owned automobiles).

Coverage for Rental Cars and Personal Vehicles

Personal autos used on University business: Refer to the Financial Services UChicago Travel web page which covers the provisions for use of personal vehicles including reimbursement and collision damage waiver information.

Rental vehicles: The University is contracted with local Enterprise and nationwide with National. Please refer to the Financial Services Insurance for Rental Vehicles web page which provides information on coverage. If a vehicle is rented from another company, a collision damage waiver must be signed. Any physical damage is covered under the University’s self-insurance program for coverage and is subject to a $500 deductible.


No deductible applies to the units for liability claims appropriately reported to Risk Management.

A $250 deductible applies for physical damage claims.

Vehicle Loss Control Program

The Office of Risk Management has developed a program in conjunction with our insurance carrier to assist in loss prevention. The Employee Vehicle Loss Control Program is an outline of best practices for ensuring safe and effective operation of our fleet. Drivers should be familiar with the guidelines and follow the program as part of our commitment to supporting safe driving practices.

Approved Drivers

Employees: Drivers of University-owned vehicles must undergo a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) inquiry prior to operating a University-owned vehicle when driving is an essential function of your job. The determination of whether driving is an essential job function is made by your Department Director and Human Resource Services. You must complete a Vehicle Use Acknowledgment Form and follow the instructions provided. Your record will be reviewed against Section 5 of the Employee Vehicle Loss Control Program. As stated in the form, you are required to report any moving violations whether personal or business related to your supervisor as this may affect your eligibility to drive.

Students: Students must complete the Student Vehicle Use Authorization and Acknowledgment Form and follow the instructions. Your vehicle record will be checked for any violations against Section 2 of the Student Vehicle Loss Prevention Program. Please note that any violation found on your motor vehicle record makes you ineligible to drive on University business. If you know of moving violations on your record you must advise your program coordinator before we run an inquiry. You are not required to provide any details related to violations that may be on your record, but even a minor violation disqualifies you from operating a University-owned vehicle.

Claim Reporting

Automobile claims reporting information, as well as what to do in the event of an accident, can be found on the Claims Reporting web page.