Transit Insurance


Transit Insurance covers University-owned property or property on loan to the University during shipment. Property in transit is exposed to elements that may cause loss or damage and is not covered under the University’s property insurance. Coverage commences when the shipment leaves the starting point and ends upon delivery to its final destination. Damage due to accidental causes such as vehicle accident, fire, flood, windstorm, and theft are insured.

Shippers may provide insurance for a charge in addition to the shipping cost, however, this insurance may be inadequate to meet the University’s needs. Should you choose not to purchase transit insurance, items damaged while in transit will not be covered under the University Property Insurance program.


Units should complete the Transit Insurance Form. For domestic shipments, the premium is the value multiplied by $.001. For international shipments, the premium is the value multiplied by $.0015. If this shipment is round trip, the premium applies twice.


Reimbursements are subject to a deductible of 10 percent, with a minimum deductible of $500 and maximum of $2,000.

Important Exclusions

Losses caused by poor packing, changes in temperature, and misdelivery are not covered. Property in transit that has not been enrolled in the program is not covered for loss.

Other Recommendations

  • Do not accept packages that have visible damage. Shipping companies will not be responsible for any damage caused due to their error once the package is accepted. You should not accept a damaged package unless there is a clear understanding with the courier that damages are documented
  • Be sure the item is shipped using a competent shipper. For most non-fragile items, Fed-Ex, DHL or UPS are sufficient. For fragile items there are shipping companies that specialize in the care and handling of more fragile items while in transit. For a rule of thumb, do not ship an item using FedEx, DHL or UPS that cannot survive a three story drop
  • Obtain condition reports or pictures of items before the item is shipped. Documenting the condition of the item before it is shipped ensures that pre-existing damage is noted and the cost of repair does not become the responsibility of the University

Claim Reporting

To file a transit insurance claim, please follow the University's claims reporting requirements.