Claims Reporting

In order for coverage to apply to most insurance programs, claims must be reported to Risk Management in a timely fashion and as outlined below. Claims not reported in line with these requirements risk not being covered under the University’s insurance programs.

For additional details on claims reporting please refer to the Risk Management Intranet Web site.

International Travel Insurance

In the event you contact International SOS for emergency assistance, you should contact the Office of Risk Management and Human Resource Services, the Dean’s Office, Trip Organizers or others who coordinate your travel as soon as practical to ensure all parties have the applicable information. In the event you need to be transported due to a medical or security condition, the University will need to authorize the expenses with International SOS. For medical emergencies, you should also have a copy of your health insurance card and provide this information to the medical facility immediately.

Risk Management does not need to be notified if you contact International SOS solely for assistance information, such as locating medical facilities or for security advice.

Automobile Insurance

In the event of an automobile accident while on University business, the following processes must be followed. Risk Management must be notified no later than the next business day after the accident in order for coverage to apply.

Contact, the following in order:

  • Police having jurisdiction (immediately if the accident involves injury; 911 in most areas)
  • Personal insurance company if a personal vehicle
  • Risk Management if a University-owned vehicle
  • Rental car company if a rented vehicle
  • Your department supervisor or director

Exchange information with the other driver(s) and witnesses, including names, contact information, address, license plate numbers and driver’s license numbers. Tell the other party(s) you will report the information to our insurance carrier.

Phone Risk Management as soon as possible 773/702-1951, and immediately if the accident involves injury. Drivers must contact Risk Management to provide all information needed to report an accident to our insurance carrier and to establish a claim.

An investigation into the accident will be coordinated by Risk Management. Drivers must comply when asked to provide further information by our insurance carrier or any state agency.

If you feel there is an incident that could trigger coverage under another type of insurance not discussed here, please contact Risk Management to discuss the specifics of your claim.