Risk Management and Insurance


The Office of Risk Management (Risk Management) is committed to providing a safe educational, work and research environment. Our mission is to encourage and support practices that mitigate the risk of adverse events that affect people, property and the mission of the University of Chicago by:

  • Managing the University’s insurance and self-insurance program
  • Overseeing related claims
  • Advising and consulting units regarding methods to control the risk of loss to the University
  • Providing oversight for youth-serving programs

Risk Management assists University stakeholders in achieving their own objectives, while reducing risk to the University. We strive to partner with your unit or division to:

  • Identify the risks that may impact your goals
  • Assess how those risks fit into the University's risk tolerance
  • Develop and implement plans to manage the risks moving forward
  • Monitor for changes and developments
  • Providing guidance on best practices and policy compliance for those working with minors on campus

We provide many services to the University of Chicago, BSD and University of Chicago Medical Center communities. Services include consultations, training, loss prevention surveys and guidance, and insurance procurement and management.

On July 1, 2019 Risk Management assumed management of workers’ compensation injury claims for the BSD and University of Chicago employees. Injuries sustained by employees in the course of their employment may be covered under workers' compensation insurance. As this is an employee benefit, please refer to Human Resource Services Benefits  for more information about reporting employee injuries. All comp related questions and reports need to go to wcclaim@uchicago.edu. Contact Candy Walters at 773.702.1951 if you need further assistance.

The Office of Risk Management invites you to explore our website to become familiar with some of the resources and services we offer. We encourage you to contact us by email or phone to discuss how we might be able to assist you.


Office of Risk Management
Edward H. Levi Hall, Third Floor North
5801 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Our general mailbox is: risk@uchicago.edu



Courtney Davis Curtis, CPCU, ARM-E
Assistant Vice President for Risk Management and Resilience Planning
E-mail: courtneydavis@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-702-2265
Cell: 773-558-9093


Candace Walters
Risk Management Claims Specialist
E-mail: cwalters@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-702-1951
Cell: 773-419-3612


Michael Kartje, ARM, CRIS   
Risk Management Insurance Analyst 
E-mail: michaelkartje@uchicago.edu


Kenyatta L. Tatum Futterman, J.D.
Youth Program Coordinator
E-mail: kenyatta@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-702-8837
Cell: 708-228-9449


Tierra Jackson
Executive Assistant
E-mail: jacksont@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-834-1406