Visitor Incident, Injury and Accident Reporting

For all incidents involving visitors, a prompt accident investigation is necessary. By reporting incidents involving visitors to the Office of Risk Management, you enable us to secure as much information as possible while the details are still fresh. Reporting also provides the Office of Risk Management with the means to identify witnesses, photograph the accident scene, and secure any movable property that is alleged to have contributed to an accident. In cases involving serious injury, you must contact Risk Management immediately. “Serious injury” is one in which a person is admitted to the hospital or taken from the scene by ambulance.

It is also important to address any immediate safety concerns by contacting Environmental Health & Safety or Facilities Services personnel to prevent future accidents.

Please have the following forms sent to Risk Management:
    Visitor Incident Reporting Form
    1. Staff should complete the Visitor Incident Reporting Form with as much information as is known.
    2. The original form should be emailed to the Office of Risk Management so that an investigation can begin.

    Injuries sustained by employees in the course of their employment may be covered under workers' compensation insurance. Please refer to Human Resource Services Benefits web page for more information about reporting employee injuries.