International Travel Emergency Assistance Program


The University partners with International SOS to provide assistance services for University faculty, students, and staff traveling overseas on University-sponsored travel. University-affiliated travel means:

  • Business travel for staff or faculty authorized or paid for by the University
  • Academic travel for students (graduates and undergraduates), directly related to a degree-seeking University program and funded, recognized, or approved by the University

International SOS will provide:

  • Emergency assistance in the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster, or political unrest:
    • Medical evacuation or relocation, if deemed necessary by a physician, to adequate medical facilities
    • Evacuation of a foreign country in the event of a U.S. State Department warning due to a natural disaster or political instability
  • Other valuable travel information and assistance:
    • Travel health information, including information on local medical facilities
    • Pre-trip security advice and analysis
    • Routine medical advice while traveling
    • Legal referrals
    • Emergency translation and interpreter services
    • Lost document advice and assistance

The coverage provided by International SOS is NOT primary medical insurance and will not pay the costs of routine medical care while traveling abroad. All University travelers should maintain medical insurance and consult with their medical insurance provider prior to travel to ensure you understand the benefits provided by your insurance coverage.

Enrollment and Costs

Employees: Coverage is automatic for all benefits-eligible employees through the University’s Business Travel Accident Insurance. More information about this can be found on the University's Benefits website and clicking on Business Travel Accident for the document explaining your benefits. 

Students: Students registering their University-affiliated travel in UChicago Traveler will automatically be enrolled with no additional cost to the student or department.

Other: Individuals who are not students, staff, or faculty may also be covered if traveling internationally on University programs. Please contact Risk Management for more information.

Important Exclusions

This program will not provide:

  • Note designated war risk territory(ies) include Afghanistan, Belarus, Iraq, Israel (West Bank/Gaza Strip), Libya, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen or any country subject to the administration and enforcement of U. S. economic embargoes and trade sanctions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Travelers must inquire with Risk Management at prior to travel to one of these countries to understand how coverage may or may not apply.
  • Medical insurance coverage
    • Travelers should consult with their primary health insurance carrier for international implications. All requirements of your primary health insurance carrier should be followed to maintain rights of recovery under your own plan
    • The International Travel Emergency Assistance Program is a guarantee of payment that allows you to access emergency medical or disaster services. Some costs for services may be the responsibility of the traveler
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Coverage for political evacuations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or other countries with an active alert from the U.S. State Department requiring citizens to leave the country
  • Coverage in countries subject to U.S. OFAC restrictions

Utilizing International SOS

ISOS now requires you to register your information directly with ISOS by logging in to the International SOS web site, entering your membership ID and creating an account.

In the event of an emergency abroad, travelers may contact International SOS directly at 215.942.8478 or contact your program or department administrator who will work with the Office of Risk Management. If you contact International SOS directly, you will need to provide the membership ID 11BCAS084635. International SOS will ask you a series of questions about your role with the University and then verify with the University whether you are an enrolled traveler.

A link to print out the International SOS membership card will be emailed to you upon registration in UChicago Traveler.

International SOS also provides a mobile phone application that can be downloaded here.