Insurance for Third Party Users of University Facilities

The University requires that parties who rent space for functions using University-owned property carry liability insurance in the amount of $1 million to cover the event. The University does not provide any insurance to cover third parties. It is the responsibility of third parties to procure and maintain such insurance as to protect the third party’s interest.

Insurance can be obtained through a brokerage firm, independent agencies and/or directly from insurance companies, with quotations obtained online or by phone. Professional associations, homeowners/renters insurers, or a personal automobile liability insurer may be considered as sources of coverage.

Alternatively, the Office of Risk Management provides access to a liability insurance program available to third parties wishing to use University property for functions who may not otherwise have access to insurance to cover their event. The program, TULIP – Tenant-User Liability Insurance Policy, provides a resource to obtain coverage for single events. For more information on the coverage and costs for TULIP please refer to the URMIA website.

If you experience difficulty in accessing the site or navigating the process please contact Risk Management. The program will be a beneficial resource for bringing more events on campus with a cost effective means to insure the event.

Note: these providers are listed as examples only. The University does not endorse any particular insurance provider or agent.