Loss Prevention for Laptop Computers

Portable computers (laptops) are especially vulnerable to theft. Tips to assist in the prevention of theft losses include:

  • Lock up laptops when not in use or at least put them in drawers out-of-sight.
  • Carry your laptop in a tote bag or briefcase instead of in a laptop carrying case. Laptop carrying cases inform potential thieves that you are carrying an expensive and easily portable piece of equipment.
  • Keep your laptop with you at all times. Thieves often will wait for owners who fail to keep vigilant. Common opportunities for theft are:
    • Placing your laptop on an airport x-ray belt and becoming delayed in the line for the metal detector so that your laptop is unattended at the belt's exit.
      • Do not check laptops in checked baggage when traveling
    • Setting your laptop on the ground while you wait for transportation.
    • Setting your laptop on the seat besides you in a crowded bus or train.

Note: Theft of an unattended laptop computer is not covered.